Job fairs

ExpoPolis has developed a solution specifically tailored to the organization of online job fairs.

The job module allows for the creation of job offers for companies as well as for the CV creation for a visitor. It includes a job board, a CV database, the integration of external recruitment tools (e.g. a collaboration with Knollenstein), a detailed schedule, an accreditation system for the job fairs organized by the campus, etc.

Under the same model, the internship module is also available which allows the creation of internship offers and the recruitment of students.

The solution is provided with a job board with advanced search criteria.
Job offers are connected to a stand which allows employers to present their company in detail.
Employers can view the list of CVs and contact the candidates. Job seekers decide whether they want to be added to this list and if they wish to stay anonymous.
The CV creator is a handy tool for those who want to build their resume in a professional manner and then want to export it in PDF format. This CV creator is Europass compliant.

Job counter
Depending on the organizer's needs, the job counter can be activated with a wide range of variations.
An organizer can determine in advance how many jobs the standard package comprises as well as how long a job remains published. Once the exhibitor has used up the standard package, they can purchase extra credits.
Integrated logistics monitoring

CV counter
The organizer decides if the list of CVs is accessible to all members using the job module without any restrictions. Alternatively, they can activate a CV counter which limits the number of possible CV views.