The Modules

Modify the software to fit your specific needs
The software consists of a library of generic modules and a library of complementary modules. The information is centralized, and all modules are coordinated. Each module, whether generic or complementary, provides the flexibility to customize the features according to one's professional needs (and to adapt the database).

Generic modules containing all the basic functionalities of your fair.

Organizer dashboard

  • Homepage content & design
  • Database customization tool
  • User manager

Exhibitor module

  • Registration
  • Online halls & stands
  • Contacts
  • Logistics monitoring

Visitor module

  • Registration
  • Logistics monitoring

Search tool module

  • Advanced search based on criteria defined by the organizer
  • Search based on the floor plan
  • Geographical search (interactive map)

Statistics module

  • Detailed visitor statistics

NetCom module

  • Social networks
  • Contact history
  • Chat – Chat Agenda
  • The contacts module enables professional interaction between users.

Specific Modules

Job module

  • Job offers
  • Internships
  • Cvs database
  • Recruitment tracking tool
  • CV creator – European standards

Interactive module plan

  • Customized plan and to scale
  • Advanced search
  • Advanced features
  • Integration with other ExpoPolis modules

Physical fair support module

  • Customized registration tool
  • Customized logistics monitoring

Event module (conferences)

  • Registration tool
  • Logistics monitoring
  • Agenda

Product & services module

  • Products
  • Services
  • Advanced search tools

Invitation module

  • Per fair
  • Per event
  • The invitation module helps increase very rapidly the number of users of your website or particularly of an event.

Publication module

  • Publication library
  • Advanced search tools

Payment module

Tailor-made modules

For a project which requires the programming of new features, the ExpoPolis software can be extended to a new module.
The programming is then tailored according to the specific needs of the customer.