Organizers of job fairs

ExpoPolis is an expert solution for organizing online recruitment fairs.

Online recruitment, a must-attend event for qualified and newly graduated profiles.

Thanks to the Job module, you can offer exhibitors the complete management of their job offers or their internship offers and your visitors the creation and management of their profiles and resumes.

This complementary module includes a job board, a resume database, the integration of external recruitment tools, a detailed agenda, an accreditation system for job fairs organized by campuses, and many other options.

Organise a job fair
Performing Jobboard

The solution is provided with a job board with advanced search criteria. Job offers are connected to a stand which allows employers to present their company in detail.


Arbeitgeber können die Liste aller Lebensläufe aufrufen und die Kandidaten kontaktieren. Arbeitssuchende können selbst festlegen, ob sie auf die Liste gesetzt werden oder lieber anonym bleiben wollen.

CV Creator

Der Lebenslauf-Assistent ist ein praktisches Hilfsmittel für jeden, der seinen Lebenslauf auf professionelle Weise erstellen und dann im PDF-Format exportieren möchte. Der Lebenslauf-Assistent entspricht dem europäischen Standard.

Thanks to our white label software, create your packaged offers and monetize your fair

Organize your event with the software installed on a dedicated server,
fully customized with your name and colors.
Get 100% of the management features of your exhibitors and visitors.

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Depending on the organizer's needs, the job counter can be activated with a wide range of variations. An organizer can determine in advance how many jobs the standard package comprises as well as how long a job remains published. Once the exhibitor has used up the standard package, they can purchase extra credits. Integrated logistics monitoring.


Der Veranstalter entscheidet, ob die Liste der Lebensläufe für alle Mitglieder, die das Job-Modul nutzen, ohne Einschränkungen zugänglich gemacht wird. Alternativ kann der Veranstalter einen Lebenslauf-Zähler aktivieren, der die Anzahl der möglichen Lebenslauf-Aufrufe einschränkt.

A solution for schools, colleges and universities.
ExpoPolis and education
A solution for schools, colleges and universities.

Are you organizing a Job day for your students? Thanks to ExpoPolis, organize your event in a record time and extend its duration up to 3 months using the virtual fair.

This is a private fair that only your students can access as visitors. All exhibitors at your event have a virtual stand. And if you lack space for physical stands, you still have the option to only offer the virtual stand.

Take advantage of our attractive rates, exclusively reserved for education.

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Jobportal, Engineering Association, 500 exhibitors, Belgium

The membership of Ienet includes a stand and 3 job credits. If needed, they can purchase extra credits. Our solution is integrated in the website of the association.

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