Modules & Features

Modify the ExpoPolis software to fit your specific needs
and meet the expectations of your exhibitors

Modify the software to fit your specific needs

The software consists of a library of generic modules and a library of complementary modules. The information is centralized, and all modules are coordinated.

Each module, whether generic or complementary, provides the flexibility to customize the features according to your needs and those of your customers.

Standard Pack ExpoPolis

The installation package of your fair includes a home page, the implementation of the solution and the database of your fair on an independent server as well as all the following generic modules:

Organizer dashboard

The organizer has a very structured dashboard that allows him to manage all the modules and to follow all the evolutions of his fair.

Exhibitor module

This module manages the registration of exhibitors, the online halls and stands, the contacts on the stands and the logistics follow-up.

Visitor module

This module manages the registration of visitors, the setting up of accounts and e-mails as well as the logistics follow-up.

Search tool module

Various researches are activated: advanced search based on criteria determined by the organizer, search based on the show plan, geographic search (interactive map).

Statistics module

The organizer and the exhibitors have very detailed visit statistics.

NetCom module

This module activates interaction with social networks, chat, video chat and chat history.

Publication module

Announcements and management of whitepapers, references, press articles.

Complementary modules

Job module

Our solution is specifically suited to organizing online job fairs.

Catalog module

Publication of products and services of your exhibitors with lead generation.

Community Module

This tool allows you to create your own community among all your users (exhibitors and visitors to each other). Credit management with online payment.

Events module

Allows events announcement, online registration, online payment, list of participants, online handouts.

Conference module

Organize your conferences online, only virtual or in addition to a physical conference
Conference room with videos / powerpoints / Livestream

Payment module

Tool that allows online registration, online credits payments and bills management.

Customized developments

We can also develop tailor-made developments and support you in the deployment of a fully customized fair/portal, from the home page to the stand design, as well as in terms of features.

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