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Junior Consultant (m/f/x)

   Info over de vacature

Datum van creatie
10 / 07 / 2019
Uiterste datum voor sollicitatie
31 / 08 / 2019
12.3 - Advies & Consultancy
EKR level 7 - Master
Type Contract
01 - Vast contract onbepaalde tijd
Nederlands, Engels, Frans
0penbaar vervoer
Bus, Trein, Parking dichtbij
Liefkensstraat 35
9032 Wondelgem
ARCHE Consulting provides regulatory support in different chemical legislative frameworks such as REACH, Biocides, Plant Protection Products, Classification and Labeling (CLP/GHS), Cosmetics etc.

You will be part of an expert team dealing with several chemical legislations (REACH, Biocides, Plant protection products etc) and will be responsible for: providing specialist technical advice and assist in dossier preparation several chemical legislations in the EU
/ remain aware of regulatory guidance / communicate with regulatory authorities if necessary.

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   Info over de werkgever

+32 9 216 70 38
Liefkensstraat 35
Postcode - Stad
9032 Wondelgem

We represent over 20 years of experience in environmental/human toxicology, exposure modeling and the preparation of risk assessment dossiers in general.

Assisting you successfully in getting compliant under the current REACH regulation.

Our experience and know-how soon turned out to be quite the asset, and constant expanding was/is needed. Today, our team includes experts from the academic and industrial world, representing a unique and complete overview of our sector. For our offices, our eye quickly fell on the Belgian cities of Ghent and Leuven. We quite enjoy breathing in the vibrant liveliness and creative energy of two of Europe's most renowned university towns. In addition, we are also able to maintain close relations with the academic world, keeping up with the latest developments in our sector and the world of science. 

Activities and services

ARCHE CONSULTING mainly specializes in:

  • The preparation of risk assessments for inorganic substances such as metals, alloys, slags etc.
  • The risk assessment of organic chemicals (e.g. flame retardants)
  • Chemical Safety Assessments and Reports for the current REACH regulation.  
  • GHS and CLP
  • Registration of Biocides
  • Registration of Plant Protection Products
  • The development of specific tools for both the inorganic as organic sector 

Mission Statement

Our overarching mission is to foster a safe environment and healthy workplace while safeguarding the market access of chemicals and products.

Vision statement

Our vision statement is built around the following core intentions

  • To support our clients with integrative strategies for all ‘hazard and risk assessment based’ regulations related to the production and use of chemical substances and products
  • To be seen as the leading experts in the EU related to inorganic risk assessment and biocidal products regulation
  • To provide the best working conditions for employees seeking opportunities to deliver high quality work in an attractive working environment.
  • To encourage innovative thinking allowing ARCHE’s clients to be the first beneficiaries of newly developed concepts and tools.