Who is my event for?

Who has access to the event?

How many participants will I have?

How will the program be organized? (Plenary session, parallel sessions, workshops, private meetings, etc...)

How much and what kind of space do I need?

Is there exhibition space for partners?

19 years of experience in the organization of conferences and congresses are the basis of the development of our Virtual Conference Center.

Beyond videoconferencing, the Center embeds all the functionalities that answer all the questions of the organizers. And that is precisely what makes it unique.

The ExpoPolis Conference Center has 2 types of rooms,with all the necessary tools for your event:

Plenary conference rooms

A large auditorium designed and optimized for a large number of participants with the possibility for a participant to raise his/her hand and speak with the authorization of the moderator/speaker.

 Up to 5000 attendees

Automatic speaker sequencing

Debate mode with 1 moderator and 6 speakers simultaneously

Live intervention of participants (request to speak) (Q&A)

List of participants

Integrated public chat (Q&A)

Screen sharing

Detailed statistics

Automatic saving of presentations

Switch to replay room

Hosting of replays via Youtube / Vimeo / Client (free)

Hosting of replays via AWS (paid)

Meeting rooms / workshops

Small rooms dedicated to meetings and workshops, to facilitate exchanges. Each speaker and participant is visible and represented by a thumbnail and can speak.

Up to 25 participants

Live intervention of the participants

Integrated public chat (Q&A)

Screen sharing

Detailed statistics

Automatic saving of presentations

Switch to replay room

Hosting of replays via Youtube / Vimeo / Client (free)

Hosting of replays via AWS (paid)

Advantage for the conference organizer:
A flexible offer, without the need to know the number of participants in advance

For a physical event, the organizer must fix his places in advance, which commits him to pay the rent and the associated costs. In other words, he must estimate in advance the capacity he will need.

This is not the case with the ExpoPolis Conference Center solution:

We do not limit the number of participants and each room can accept up to 5000 people. No participant will be rejected regardless of the formula chosen. The organizer pays on the basis of the exact number of participants and people per room. We take into account two parameters: the number of people and the time of their effective presence in a room. If a room is not used at the last minute, no fee will be charged.

A modern & attractive design to attract participants

The visuals of the rooms were designed and created by the ExpoPolis design team to capture the spirit of large modern auditoriums.

The tools available to the organizer allow him to choose plenary rooms or meeting/workshop rooms. He can choose the color and the background of each room, choose the avatars of the participants etc...

A simplified organization and launch of conferences for the organizer

The organizer generates his rooms and directly shares the access link to participants and speakers who can connect to them with a single click.

When the presentations take place live, they are linked automatically within the same room. If a speaker voluntarily extends the presentation time, the program is automatically adapted as well as the participation statistics.

Real-time statistics to track engagement and participation

Detailed statistics are provided online on the organizer's account, by conference but also by presentation.

For rooms requiring registration, a record of entries and exits of participants is made, as well as the time of participation.

In the context of organising trainings, it is possible to know, for example, whether a participant has followed the entire presentation.

A Live voting system to federate and animate your audience

Among the many tools available to speakers, our online voting system allows them to ask questions that participants must answer during their speech.

The statement of the number of questions asked and the statement of the number of answers given by each participant is carried out live.

Unique attendee management and pass features.

We offer different levels of accreditation within the same event thanks to a unique access system.

Access to the rooms can be open to all, or limited according to profiles.

This feature allows you to create a business model based on different access levels.

A multi-room center, with parallel sessions and automatic programs.

Activate as many rooms as you want in the conference center and schedule parallel sessions. Plenary rooms or workshops can take place live at the same time.

A program is automatically generated by our solution based on the presentations you assign to each room.

Native integration with our virtual fair software

ExpoPolis is the only solution that natively combines the exhibition center and the conference center.

For your congress, you can activate an exhibition space for exhibitors, partners, a press stand, a reception desk, etc...

And conversely a room can be linked to an exhibitor or partner and a link is created between the booth and the presentation of the exhibitor.

Discover the ExpoPolis Conference Center tool, which allows you to structure your conferences or congress-exhibitions for events rich in exchanges!