For schools, organising open days is a regular practice.

However, since 2020, new “remote” solutions have had to be found in order to present training courses to future students, connect with them and showcase what you have to offer in a personalised way. ExpoPolis has been offering an alternative solution since 2011!

In fact, providing a solution to compliment physical events (fairs - conferences) is something we have always done!

Over a period of 10 years, we have continued to adapt our technology to meet the immediate needs of our users.

Our years of experience combined with cutting-edge technology means you can effectively organise your open days.

And over time you can also discover a new way of interacting with your students (without borders).

As you will see for yourself, our tools have many advantages and are used in a sustainable manner.

This is why, when physical meetings become possible once more, you will naturally think about hybrid organisation.

With ExpoPolis, your virtual open days are fully bespoke!

You will benefit from:

a dedicated server with your own database;

a fully personalised home page;

a welcoming lobby that is also personalised.

You are free to:

create and organise your own 3D halls with booths;

build as many booths as you like;

assign as many contacts as you want to each booth. In addition, each contact can personalise their logo to address students directly, but also add their own video links;

present live conferences using a "conference" module;

put recordings of conferences in a "replay room" so they can be viewed after having taken place.

Your exhibitors and students can communicate effectively:

on D-day, chat and/or videocalls are activated;

the direct messaging function remains activated 24 hours a day and allows students to address each contact (exhibitor);

the contact is notified directly by email.

What do we mean by “booth”?

A booth represents a faculty, a training course, a service… The names are also completely tailored to your needs. The assembly of the booths is very intuitive and allows you to display useful information in any way you want.

Using our solution, you can quickly build a site filled with a wealth of useful information for your future students.

In addition, after organising a successful main event, you will be able to leave it open so that it can continue to be consulted at any time. You will be able to organise further events throughout the year.

To learn more, enjoy our demos! First step towards a meaningful collaboration with ExpoPolis, which, as a reminder, combines technical solution and lots of services.