Visually, the ExpoPolis solution also makes all the difference!

It has a clean design for intuitive use. The 3D booths & conference rooms have high-quality graphic displays, and a wide range of themes are offered to exhibitors.

At ExpoPolis, special attention is paid to aesthetics! And for a very good reason. Pascale, ExpoPolis co-founder and former fashion designer, designs the new booths, halls and all the other virtual spaces using her professional “design” approach. For several years, this same skill has allowed her to create haute-couture collections and to successfully renovate interior spaces.

Create fluid spaces for enjoyable and 100% intuitive use

Pascale has the ability to project herself fully into her work. She has a natural gift of being able to understand how a user will behave in each space of a virtual fair or during the conferences. A perception that allows her to streamline ergonomics and ultimately how the solution is used, both by organizers and speakers as well as by exhibitors. As for visitors, this approach allows them to enjoy an intuitive visit!

There are several virtual solutions on the market today. This allows our users to make comparisons. The feedback from our users is unanimous: at ExpoPolis, the visit is pleasant, fluid, and intuitive! This makes us extremely happy since it is one of our main priorities.

Pascale Van Kerckhove and Thibault Van der Auwermeulen

Co-founders of ExpoPolis

So, in concrete terms, apart from Pascale’s unique design approach, what is ExpoPolis’ secret for making their virtual fair solution so ergonomic ?

The answer: the professional complementarity and openness of the two co-founders!

Pascale and Thibault have experiences in fields other than IT. A wealth of experience which allows them to see things with a different mindset and helps them find the right tone and ergonomics, and a design that is usable, discerning, chic, and modern… A “fashion” perspective that changes everything!