The ExpoPolis software solution is extremely flexible!

It will enable you to organise an fair which is totally tailored to your needs and the expectations of your exhibitors.

Modular software, what does this mean?

The ExpoPolis software is composed of a library of generic and complementary modules. All information is centralised. All modules are intrinsically linked and work together.

Each generic or complementary module is completely flexible, making it possible to customise the various features according to your needs and those of your customers.

To start your organisational process; focus on our standard pack

The standard pack is the installation pack for your fair. It includes a home page, a feature to set up our solution and your fair database on an independent server, as well as all of the following generic modules:


As an organiser, you have a well-structured dashboard which allows you to manage all the different modules and follow your fair as it progresses.

“Welcome page” New

This high-performing module allows you to manage your home page independently. To do this, a wide variety of blocks are available: image, text, image / text, etc.

NB : activation of the “News” module and exhibitor logos form part of the standard package.

“Exhibitor” module

This module manages exhibitor registrations, the setting up of halls and virtual booths, contacts on the booths as well as logistical follow-up.

“Visitor” module

This module manages visitor registration, the setting up of accounts and emails as well as logistical follow-up.

Search filters

Thanks to this module, several types of search features can be activated: advanced searches based on criteria determined by you (the organiser), searches based on the fair floor plan, geographic searches.

“Statistics” module

Regardless of whether you are an organiser or exhibitor, the ExpoPolis solution allows you to access detailed visit statistics.

“Agenda” module

This recently updated module is used by visitors for making appointments. This is mainly during chat days or during fairs that last for a longer period of time and when exhibitors are not directly available. This useful module can be linked to external calendars so that the user is always aware of upcoming appointments.

Notifications New

With this module you can post messages on all pages of your site or on the booths themselves.

Refining your fair with our complementary modules

“Conferences” module

This module allows you to organise online conferences. This can be in addition to physical conferences or as a standalone conference. In practice, you have rooms at your disposal for “live” presentations in different time zones. You can also use “Replay” rooms to extend the user experience.

“Job” module

Our solution is particularly suited to the organisation of online “job” fairs. This additional module is made up of several features designed for recruitment, in particular a job board, a CV creator and even a basic management tool for recruiters.

"Bconnect" module New

This new module allows appointments to be made between professional exhibitors and/or visitors. As the organiser, you can choose whether you wish to activate this feature. Thanks to this module, you will be able to organise a professional ‘speed dating’ event where people sharing the same interests will have the opportunity to network.

“Catalogue” module

A module intended for the publication of your exhibitors’ products and services with lead generation. In practice, it allows visitors to visit the fair in a completely different way: not based on a company name or industry, but rather on a search for particular products or services.

“Community” module

This tool allows you to create your own community between all your users (exhibitors and visitors).

“Events” module

This module allows you to announce events and online registration, generate a list of participants and to upload handouts.

“Publication” module

This module allows you to manage whitepapers, references, press articles.

“Advertising banner” module New

This module allows you to place advertising banners on your home page and/or on certain visit pages.

Visitor – Exhibitor Interaction

Your exhibitors and visitors can communicate with ease :

D day

The chat feature is activated.

Activation by contact / videoconferencing booth feature integrated into the solution.

Activation of "Visitors on my booth” feature which allows each exhibitor to follow visits to their booth in real time, to consult visitor business cards and send them messages.


Direct messages remain activated 24 hours a day and ensure that visitors can speak to any contact person who will be immediately informed of the incoming message by e-mail!

All these features can be configured separately according to your specific needs.

Did you know ?

We also carry out tailor-made developments. You can thus opt for a fully personalised fair/portal, from your home page to the design of your booths, including bespoke features. As for its roll out, we’ll support you every step of the way!

You too can join the trade show organizers and more than 50,000 exhibitors who have put their trust in the ExpoPolis solution