Do you need a way to present your various entities, partners, distributors, products, or businesses on an integrated platform?

Are you looking for new technologies to inform and communicate with your customers or staff?

Put your trust in ExpoPolis, an expert solution provider for virtual fairs!

In practice, ExpoPolis offers you a complete, ready-to-use and proven grey label software suite. It allows you to bring together and present your content and contacts on a single platform.

A single platform that can appeal to professionals, consumers or quite simply be used as an internal tool.

Technically, various user statuses make it possible to compartmentalise visits and features.

As for our virtual booth feature, it allows you to effectively present your different entities. In particular, this is thanks to the wide range of tools that we have developed which allow you to revitalise your platform: conference modules, product and service catalogues, employment modules, publication modules, etc. Furthermore, to respond effectively to your evolving needs, we are constantly enriching our solution with additional modules.

With ExpoPolis, you can fully customise your digital platform according to your activity

Our solution and modules encompass an array of features specially designed for high-performance professional applications. These can be used by companies, groups, associations, partner networks and other structures.

Your deployment architecture

Your company presentation

Company groups

Professional associations

Profession presentation

Partner networks

Your module activation

Product catalogues

fair agenda

Community tools

Recruitment module

News and publications

User identification

Publication rights

Internal use only / Internal and external use

Professional interactions

Client and potential client actions

An ensemble which allows you to:

Generate dynamic interactions between your different contacts.

Easily create and manage one-off online events.

Enjoy an intuitive operating platform that draws attention and offers a unique user experience!

Contact us for an online presentation. We will demonstrate the full scope of our solution and explain how it can be tailored to your needs.