As a recruitment fair organiser, you’re looking for a platform that allows you to both advertise and extend the duration of your forums. Likewise, as a college or university, you are used to organising "career" days to guide and inform your students.

In both cases, we offer you a software solution with a multitude of tools to help you stand out from the competition.

EXPOPOLIS, a solution like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

ExpoPolis is an expert solution for organising online recruitment fairs. Our software is grey label and allows you to manage your virtual fairs in an optimal manner.

To do this we have developed various effective and practical tools designed especially for recruitment fairs!

The high-performing job board

Our ExpoPolis solution has a job board with advanced search criteria. As for job offers, they are linked to a booth that allows employers to showcase their business in detail.

CV library

As the organiser, you decide whether or not the list of CVs is made accessible to exhibitors. Only job seekers who have given their prior consent will appear on this list.

CV creator

A handy tool for anyone who wants to write a professional CV and have the option of exporting it to PDF format. NB: this CV creator respects European standards.

You’re going to love...

Our “recruitment” module which allows: exhibitors to manage all of their job and internship offers and visitors to create and manage their profiles and CVs

This comprehensive add-on includes a job board, a CV database, an accreditation system for campus-based recruitment fairs, and endless other equally convenient options.

Private access to your event

Whether you’re a school or a university, only your students will be able to access the fair.

As for your event exhibitors, with ExpoPolis they will all have a virtual booth. Moreover, if you lack physical space, our solution (without space limits) will allow you to offer a virtual booth to those exhibitors you can’t offer a physical space to.

To find out more, contact us! We’ll give you an online demonstration, and let you know about some of our success stories..