At ExpoPolis, each trade show project has its own dedicated server and database.

In general, the organisers use the "mono-fair” platform solution which makes it possible to organise an fair on a dedicated server.

Unlimited booths and users

Our solution allows you to configure an unlimited number of booths. During 2020, some fairs hosted up to 500 booths!

We also accept a large number of users (visitors and exhibitors alike). This allows us to meet the needs of certain exhibitors who need to have a large number of contacts per booth.

How does a multi-fair platform work?

Opening a multi-fair platform can be interesting as part of a "recruitment" fair organised in different cities. In this case, we refer to clone rooms. The database will be the same for all shows. Each visitor will be able to visit the fair in different cities with the same login details. As for companies, they may be involved with several fairs (and therefore be exhibitors at several of them).

Note: with a multi-fair platform, you have a generic home page and a specific home page for each show.