A ready-to-use, modular business solution

A ready-to-use tool, resolutely turned towards the future.

ExpoPolis, expert solution in virtual fairs, has also been enriched by numerous modules that meet the new needs of companies and associations in the field of digital publications.

The result is a complete, proven, ready-to-use software that federates and presents your content and contacts in a single platform.

Une solution d'entreprise

Imagine your fully customized digital platform
for your business using ExpoPolis

Our solution and its modules generate all the functionalities dedicated to powerful professional applications
for companies, groups, associations, networks of partners and other structures.

Deploy your architecture

Presentation of your company
Professional Affiliations
Business presentations
Networks of partners

Activate your modules

Product Catalogs
Events calendar
Community tools
Recruitment module
News and publications

Determine your users

Publication rights
Internal use only or not
Interactions between professionals
Actions of customers and prospects

Generate dynamic interactions between your different interlocutors.
Create and administer online one-time events.
Offer an intuitive operation platform that catches the eye for a unique user experience!

You will also discover how Expopolis and its modules will adapt to the specific needs of your digital project!

Ask for a demo
Modify the software to fit your specific needs

Fully customize the user experience using the modules' library of our solution.

With 9 years of experience, the ExpoPolis team has developed an interactive and dynamic software that can adapt to the needs of any virtual fair or portal.

Discover our modules
Discover our modules
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