Organizers of physical fairs

Give an extra dimension to your fair.
Offer your exhibitors and visitors a unique user experience!

The virtual fair, an essential complementary solution to develop the notoriety of your physical fair.

The ExpoPolis solution allows you to highlight your exhibitors and your partners through a unique digital showcase before, during and after your event.

Transform your website into a social destination
Partner visibility

Offer your partners and sponsors additional visibility with a virtual booth

Digital presence

All your exhibitors have a fully modular virtual stand

Logistical assistant

Use our logistical tools for organizing your physical fair

Optimized attendance

Fill the gap between two editions of the physical fair by attracting new visitors

Open networking

Your visitors can interact with exhibitors during and after the physical fair

Community exchange place

Manage a "community" for participants and partners of your congress

Fair organizers

Thanks to our grey label software, create your packaged offers and monetize your fair

Organize your event with the software installed on a dedicated server,
fully customized with your name and colors.
Get 100% of the management features of your exhibitors and visitors.

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Thomas More Campus De Nayer
One day physical fair, Engineering faculty, 317 exhibitors, Belgium

In 6 years, the number of physical stands has increased from 136 to 220 (number equal to the maximum number of places). The total number of exhibitors increased to a total of 317 exhibitors (220 physical and virtual, 97 only virtual).

Detailed visit statistics

You also join fair organizers and more than 20 000 exhibitors who have trusted the ExpoPolis solution

Optimize your website Organise a job fair
Modify the software to fit your specific needs

Fully customize the user experience using the modules' library of our solution.

With 11 years of experience, the ExpoPolis team has developed an interactive and dynamic software that can adapt to the needs of any virtual fair or portal.

Discover our modules
Discover our modules
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