Richard Moussay

Director of Web Projects

Les Éditions du Boisbaudry

Richard Moussay, Director of Web Projects for Les Éditions du Boisbaudry, called on ExpoPolis in 2020 for the unprecedented organisation of two fairs dedicated to professionals in the agri-food industry.

fair names: Elo Élevage & Elo Emballage

2 days per fair

1st September and 2nd December 2020

Special circumstances: no experience in organising physical or virtual fairs

"At Éditions du Boisbaudry, we have been organising physical conferences in certain markets for several years. And in the second half of 2020, at a Livestock division level, we had a project to set up remote conferences. During the confinement period, we chose to change these physical conferences to a remote format. From here came the idea of ​​setting up connected remote meetings entitled ‘Elo Élevage’, which integrated a virtual fair.

A new and highly successful experience: 1,500 visitors attended as well as 60 exhibitors.

The ExpoPolis platform was extremely popular, especially the booth graphics. The satisfaction questionnaire sent to exhibitors after the event also revealed that they found the ExpoPolis solution very easy to learn. From our point of view, as the organiser, we appreciated the highly developed sense of service offered by the ExpoPolis team.

Today, after having had the opportunity to test it, we can safely say that the big advantage of virtual trade fairs organised with a platform like ExpoPolis is that you can go there at any time. You can consult all kinds of information on a booth without being dependent on someone being there to provide you with information. If we want to get in touch with someone in particular, there is always the possibility to do so, and above all we do not have to travel ... "