Advanced and modular software
for the organisation of virtual and physical fairs

Transform your website into a social destination

Thanks to our grey label software, create your packaged offers and monetize your website while offering a unique user experience!

Our logistics tools will allow you to develop and optimize the traffic on your website by creating interactions with your users.

Advanced and modular software for the organisation of virtual and physical fairs

Optimize or create your entire site using ExpoPolis

Our solution and modules generate content for an interactive and powerful website.
Give your existing website an extra dimension or simply create it using our unique tools.

Content Administration

You become fully in control of the content published on your website thanks to our administration tools.

No need to use the webmaster when you want to add content to your website.

You choose what information you want to integrate on your site.

Some examples
  • Manage the calendar of your events
  • Create and interact with your community
  • Publish and broadcast your news
  • Manage your newsletters and professional publications
  • Post ads or banners
  • Create your job offers and recruit using the job board
  • Offer your partnerships and sponsors a virtual stand

The intelligent and dynamic interaction of our modules makes it possible to optimize your website and make it profitable.

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Modify the software to fit your specific needs

Fully customize the user experience using the modules' library of our solution.

With 11 years of experience, the ExpoPolis team has developed an interactive and dynamic software that can adapt to the needs of any virtual fair or portal.

Discover our modules
Discover our modules
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